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    Posted by Dan Kubb (dkubb) in DataMapper on Dec 5th | 1 comment | 0 attachments

    In our attempts to cleanup Lighthouse (LH) we've decided to become more clear on what we are going to use it to track, as well as what we are not.

    Recently we closed a number of tickets that were suggestions or feature requests, and while they were valid, we don't feel that LH is a good place for them. Alot of those tickets will include a link to this message to clarify why it was closed.

    First of all, we've proven that using LH as a TODO list is not a good idea, at least for us. Only a few DM developers routinely monitor the tickets, so any suggestions made here will only be seen by a few people. A much better idea would be to mention your idea on the mailing list. You're likely to have the same DM devs who monitor the tickets and the larger number of regular contributors. You're even more likely to have someone work with you on the idea or give you feedback or suggestions for alternate approaches that may be better than what you're proposing.

    What are we going to use LH for? We're going to use it to manage two things only:

    1. Bugs
    2. Patches

    While Bugs are obvious, we've also found that using LH to manage patches works really well.

    The DM dev team is still relatively small, so in keeping the ticket tracker as streamlined as possible we're hoping to be able to respond more efficiently to bugs. In the past bugs and issues have gotten lost in the shuffle, and we're hoping to avoid that happening again.

    Friday Dec 05

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